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18 Dec 12 Eric Schmidt interviews Stephen Colbert and talks Google Play

One of my favorite late night TV hosts Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report is in the Android news world today after being interviewed by Google’s own Eric Schmidt. As I’m sure many of you know (or don’t) Colbert is known for his outrageous comedy and talks of politics, interviews with celebrities and more. Today however in a comedy skit Colbert takes a stop by Google‘s NY headquarters to be interviewed by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, and it’s certainly worth a watch.

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We won’t be talking Android here too much, nor about his Super PAC, but instead about Stephen Colbert’s new book. For comedy sakes he takes some funny and laugh filled questions from Google employees as he and Schmidt try to keep a straight face, and it’s quite enjoyable. For those that watch The Colbert Report regularly this will be funny, for everyone else — he’s a little odd.

The video below is about an hour long, so you can enjoy it if you choose but the fun part here being that Eric Schmidt took a few opportunities to talk about Android, the Google Play Store, and bash Apple at the same time. Something we’ve been seeing from Schmidt a lot as of late. At times I wish he’d stop interrupting and trying to be funny, but he did quite well considering Colbert does this nightly. The good stuff starts about 8 minutes in.

Eric Schmidt mentioned “I should not turn this into an Android commercial,” but after a few moments he got his plugs in where possible. Schmidt used the moment to talk up Android over Apple, and that one rainforest company (Amazon). Stating Android is currently “five times bigger than the iPhone.” The funny interview was all about Stephen Colbert’s new book (don’t ask) but Google’s chairman took that moment to attack Apple too. Mentioning that offering his new book “in the Google Play Store people will actually be reading your book.”

They briefly made jokes about Android, Google, the Nexus 7 and a few other things so it certainly is worth a watch if you’re a fan of Android or The Colbert Report. Hit the links below to see everything Eric Schmidt’s had to say lately regarding Android and Apple.

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16 Dec 12 Colbert visits Google, is clueless about Google Play | Technically Incorrect …

No, he’s not corpsing.

Google screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Google’s Eric Schmidt is a very busy man.

But he still found the time to interview fellow political philosopher Stephen Colbert, when the latter appeared at Google this week.

Indeed, Schmidt even found the time to post a chunk of the escapade onto his Google+ account. (The full hour has been posted to YouTube and I have embedded it at the bottom of this post.)

You might imagine that Colbert would be au fait with all of Google’s services before presenting himself before an audience of Googlies.

But, no.

Colbert was there to push his masterwork “America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t.” He wanted people to go to their local bookstore or to the “one that’s named after the rain forest.”

Schmidt, ever the subtle salesman, explained to him that his book was for sale not merely on Amazon, but on Google Play.

“What does that mean?” asked a bemused Colbert.

Patiently, Schmidt explained that the Google hydra had a book-selling arm too.

Colbert still worried that — Google being Google — it would only sell e-books. He was stunned to discover that there might even be the possibility to buy a physical book too.

Yet he still had brand recognition problems. Shortly afterward, he appeared to forget the name again altogether.

When he learned his book would be for sale on Google Play at list price, Colbert said: “So go to Google Plus for no deal!”

How extraordinary that despite Google becoming one of the bigger tech spenders in advertising, there is still work to be done.

The whole interview embraced vast numbers of topics. Many will enjoy Colbert telling Schmidt that Google Maps are phenomenal. Schmidt agreed. “Ask an Apple user,” he said.

Should you be keen to hear someone say “bulls***” to Eric Schmidt, then I recommend the 19th minute.

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