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26 Dec 12 How to set up your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S III, Surface, Kindle, Nook

Originally published: December 25, 2012 1:14 PM
Updated: December 25, 2012 1:39 PM


An Associated Press reporter holds up the new

Photo credit: AP | An Associated Press reporter holds up the new iPad during an event in San Francisco. (March 7, 2012)


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Apple on Wednesday revealed that the new iPhone
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Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide
New iPad Mini, iMac, MacBook Pro photos at Apple unveiling

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First, the good news: Your son, granddaughter or family friend went ahead and splurged to buy you a hot new gadget this holiday season, presumably offering some requisite speech about how your life is about to be changed forever thanks to the device’s indispensable convenience. Nodding your head and smiling, you’ve pledged to try it out, but alas, you don’t know Microsoft from a microchip, Apple from an application.

So here’s a quick guide to user manuals for some of the gifts you may have received that, perhaps, are a bit technologically advanced for folks of an older generation.

Apple iPhone:

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Apple unveils new iPad, Mac products
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Apple’s iPad Mini targets competitors
| New iPhone thinner, lighter

Apple iPad:

Microsoft Surface:

Nintendo Wii U:

Amazon Kindle:

Samsung Galaxy Note:

Samsung Galaxy S III starter guide:

Barnes Noble Nook:

Once you’ve figured out how to use your device, you’ll want to soup it up with some downloadable apps (the hip vernacular for application, or program), many of which can be had for free at the gadgets’ various “app stores.” In most cases, your device will prominently feature an icon advertising apps, but you can also find some online guides here for tips.







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