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29 Dec 12 Control YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark, & Netflix In Chrome With Flutter’s …

If you haven’t heard about Flutter, then you probably missed our review a few months back. Flutter is a small, uncomplicated program that allows a computer’s webcam to read your gestures and control some media players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, and QuickTime.

Three simple gestures help you to move from one spot on the playlist to another, and even pause the player. Flutter supports simple gestures, and while it doesn’t have the wizardry of a Kinect yet, it can be surprisingly effective for controlling your songs and movies from a distance.

With the launch of a new version, Flutter extends its support for Chrome, PowerPoint, and Keynote. The Flutter Chrome extension now allows you to use hand gestures on YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark, and Netflix.  The Flutter blog says:

This new version is (in some sense) going back to our roots. The installation process is very simple: the new Flutter app automatically opens the Flutter extension URL at the end of the tutorial. Simply clicking “Add to Chrome” allows you to enjoy songs, movies and more using gesture control within your browser.

A few little touches add to the user friendliness of the app. You can toggle it on and off from the icon in the System Tray. You can set a ‘Preferred’ app by right-clicking the same icon and choosing among the applications that Flutter supports. The choice basically gives you control over a preferred app even as you work on another.

The new improved version of Flutter is a welcome announcement for the New Year.

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